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I followed the steps to implement metronic in blazor from this page, however I have errors with the webpack and I need help with this
Is there any documentation or best practices to integrate the theme (Keen) in a symfony/twig project ?My goal is to preapre a starter layout for all my future projects.But as I can see, if you change an option and rebuild the layouts with the Layout Builder", the partials are completely diff...
Hello,Can't really find the proper way to close a drawer programatically in the react demo.There is nothing in the docs about drawers and the KTDrawer seen in the HTML docs apparantly is not available in react. What would be the right way to close a drawer from a function?Thank you!
I fetched tabs from the database using ngFor loop. but if I used ngFor loop then ktMenu dropdown which I added in tab-content is not working. I used Metronic theme. I tried with this example:-
I'm trying to add a dropdown menu in datatables server side, but it doesn't work when clicked on the popup menu item doesn't appear, please solvethanks,
Hello.Metronic has many HTML versions on the website.The demo7 layout is only available as an HTML version, but I'd like to use it with Angular (which is only available as HTML).Is it possible? Thank you.
Hi,1) Is there a way to use the Drawer element within a div on the page? I am using react version and would love an option for this.2) On react demo how can one reset the form fields when submitted successfully?Thank you!
Hi,Are the toast style versions in both the light and dark versions the same?From what I saw they are the same.But in dark mode, demo19, the texts are bad, without good visibility.
Hi, I am trying to access dashboard directly. Without the need to login.How do i remove login from dashboard?Framework: Reactdemo2
Hi,Is there a preimplemented way to close a dropdown menu on button click?For example, on metronic react demo 2 notification logs, I'd like to close the menu when clicking on View all. What would be the best way to do this?Best wishes,Tamás
Hi keenthemes.Is there any chance to get Typehead in the next update ?Sorry it's just a reminder of this one : you.
Hi keenthemes,Are you re-adjusting the buttons design back to normal in the next metronic update as you said here : are considerably big for a button-sm !..For example those below devs forum buttons are exactly the size that Metronic button...
Do you have a laravel/vuejs template (not blade) ?
Currently, in metronic/vue/demo1 , you need to click in the top header toolbar menu items, to show their submenu.Please add option to appear submenu on mouseover too.
We wanted to work on specific framework (i.e. vue) however, we have to fetch/pull 1.5GB repo for no reason. We have been using other themes, and all of them, had separated repositories for different framework (react, vue, html, laravel, etc..).Please, do it seriously and treat customers like t...
After opening localhost page, i see in console:, hot-reload is not working. Any ideas why?
Hello.. I would love from you to give more intention and effort to the laravel version.Adding datatables and CRUD system.That would make Metronic a template to plug and play for neewbies.Thank You
HelloI would love from you to give more intention and effort to the laravel version.Adding datatables and CRUD system.That would make Metronic a template to plug and play for neewbies.Thank You
Good evening,I am interested in Bootstrap's theme 'Good'.Before purchasing I decided to open the inspector of my browser to check the JavaScript, HTML and CSS code. And i think that it is written complex, like there the buttons for example aren't named 'btn_submit' or something else but 't' in...
Hi,On the latest update (8.0.34) the chat notification blinking green dot wandered off to the middle of the top bar. Another issue is that there is still double menu on mobile.Any suggestions?Thanks,Tamás
When we start (serve) demo1, the first page is 'sign-in'. How can we avoid that, and instead have any desired page as the main page, so sign-in was not required?