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PHP Warning: require(/vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
When I run it: npm run devI get errors:[webpack-cli] Error: Cannot find module 'replace-in-file-webpack-plugin'How to do fix it?
HelloI am a developer who purchased Good Admin Template through the bootstrap website.this theme is really good!!!!!!!Our team is using Angular, and we want to use the purchased theme with Angular.How can I use this?I need a sample.Please help me.😂😂
Hi, I have a button that is invoking data-kt-menu. All is working well based on example except:- calling menu button has dynamic text that is updated from subscription- button params: data-kt-menu-trigger="click" data-kt-menu-placement="bottom-start" - if Apply button ((click)="submit()" data-...
Hi!I can't use class "fonticon-*" in project Vuejs demo7 of Metronic version 8.Please advice.Thanks!
Hi,I try to use the sticky component for vue, but the sticky doesn't work after a route change. It will only work on a fresh page load.Please advice.Thank you
Hi ı am new in this template and vue 3. I just created an empty vue 3 app.I downloaded metronic 8, demo 2 template. what is next ?
My DataTable service code herePublic function html(){return $this->builder()->setTableId('admin-countries-table')->columns($this->getColumns())->columns($this->getColumns())->addColumnBefore(['defaultContent' => '','data' => 'DT_RowIndex','name' => 'DT_RowIndex','title' =>...
Hello.How can i access your demo blade files. I want refer your demo blade files. I am sharing here the link.""
Hello,I want to purchase Metronic, in this source code may I get the angular (front end design and API Calling) + Laravel (Backend) ?
Currently Metronic has vue and react resources on typescript. Can I get resources on javascript for vue js or react or for both of them?
Hello,I just purchased metronic 8 template, I builded default demo2 vue app and put to my ftp.But it showed just a white screen, i can not see default website, what is wrong ?
Dear Sir/Madam;I have bought Metronic theme via Envato Market on 13.09.2021. However my encato account is locked and I was informed that there is no way to reactive it. As I have my invoice and purchase code I am trying to downlad metronic however I got warning that something went wrong. Please he...
Hello,when looking at the full demo1 : we see there are a lot of pages already crafter, available to be used. After purchasing, when launching the Laravel version, there is much less - indeed, when getting to the Laravel specific demo, on...
I have followed the steps of the goood template installation guide with laravel, but I have little experience in applying the templates with that frienware, could you help me with a series of more detailed steps please
Can you please update packages configuration for VUE Metronic Version.On "npm audit fix --force" breaks the build "npm run dev" # npm audit reportansi-regex >2.1.1
Can you please provide documentation or tutorial to integrate Laravel + VUE + Intertia together..Thanks and Regards
i have problem with RTL i try to use like this @import "../../../assets/sass/style.scss";.rtl{ @import "../../../assets/style.bundle.rtl.css"; direction: rtl;}and it doesn`t work correctly the RTL really doesn't work fine even i just use it like this @import "../../../as...
hello friend,how to configuration or make api route with Aut:API,please help Thanks B4
Hello,I have a project is running with dot net core API and on the client side angular 12. How can I apply theme to use it instead of creating demo1 from scratch