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Vue RTL version setup with webpack

  1. Install webpack dependencies for RTL bundler using this command: npm install --save-dev webpack webpack-rtl-plugin remove-files-webpack-plugin css-loader mini-css-extract-plugin webpack-cli.

  2. Create a file named rtl.config.js and copy the webpack configuration from this gist.

  3. Execute the following command: yarn webpack --config=rtl.config.js --mode development. This command will execute the webpack configuration to build styles and output them to the src/assets/rtl folder.

  4. In the file src/App.vue, replace the LRT style import with the RTL style import from src/assets/rtl:

    @import "assets/sass/style";


    @import "assets/rtl/style.rtl.css";

  5. In the file index.html, add the following attributes to the HTML tag: direction="rtl", dir="rtl", and style attribute with the value direction: rtl.

  6. Find and replace the following attributes in the project:

    • data-kt-menu-placement='bottom-start' => data-kt-menu-placement='bottom-end'

    • data-kt-menu-placement='right-start' => data-kt-menu-placement='left-start'

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