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Feedback & Help: ASP core Suggestions to use metronic

Hello, the theme is nice, but adopting to ASP is still not smooth, I am requesting you add some of this feedback

  • very important: Its missing the free basic ASP identity Core pages to manage users. This is free, the core 5 or 6 login views/actions should be part of the common kit,

  • The second challenge is using/customizing a different Metronic version for e.g. Demo 11 with ASP, when I do it, some of the theme pages are broken, this can be avoided

  • Using the starter kit with new Metronic demo e.g. 11 version, its not clear on what all steps we need to do.

  • Where and how to get the rest of the pages.

  • Helpers: Stepwise guidance on the helpers, since these are not standard and custom to your theme build, a guide on how to get and migrate to a different ASP views Metronic version, for e.g. demo 31 and implement authentication would be greatly helpful.

  • Feel free to add or edit.. just some suggestions
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