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Vue router link navigate after few seconds

I am facing one issue in my sidebar navigation. When I click on any of the sidebar link it will navigate the route after 1 second.

In vue Metronic version 8.0.0 it's working fine, but after upgrading to Metronic vue version 8.1.1 I am facing this issue.

Any help for the above issue?

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Here is the video link for your reference

Hi Vinay,

Not sure if the delay is related to our Metronic version, as I see in your video you are fetching data asynchronously on your pages.

Do you have the same problem when trying to open pages with static content?

Lauris Stepanovs,
Keenthemes Support Team

Please check this. We are getting 1200 to 1300 Total Blocking Time
Mostly it will block on script evalution and chunk process.

Please take a look from your end and let me know how can we reduce this. Also we have checked with simple content without any API calling but still the first time it is responding late when we change route.

Waiting for your revert...

Thank you!

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