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menu-sub-dropdown is not working with data-kt-menu-trigger when page render in Angular metronicv8.0.38

When I am page render with some local storage page rendering in angular all dropdown is not working

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Try to re-download Angular apps, we've just released the update, and you mentioned issue also fixed here:

Keenthemes support

could you specify please the changes you've done to solve the problem?

I'm using Metronic Angular 8.1.8 and it is affected with the same bug

yesterday I've downloaded version 8.2.0

yet I have already some code into 8.1.8, hence would be quite useful know which files I should take care about replacing/upgrading for the new ones

I'm having similar issues, and it is not practical to update all the code. What files should I replace to fix the menu issues?

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