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Menu from Metronic 7

Hello! Is it possible to implement the slide down menu from Metronic 7, Demo 1 into Metronic 8 Vue? I'm talking about the one that is shown on mobile when the top right icons combine together into one and it slides down to open up to all of them.

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I guess what I'm really looking for are the downloads for past versions so that I can find the demo in question and grab the components that I'm looking for.


Thank you for reaching out to us.

As you can see on our Metronic 8 demo1 preview page, we are displaying header topbar on mobile differently.

If you prefer a solution from Metronic 7, you can use our script at src/assets/js/layout/base/header-topbar.js. Ensure that you have a similar header structure as in Metronic 7.

Metronic 7 is available for download on our GitHub repository under the Metronic-v7 branch. If you don't yet have access to the repository, you can request access by completing this form.

Lauris Stepanovs,
Keenthemes Support Team

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