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Dúvida sobre o metronic 8 da licença regular

Doubt about the regular license metronic 8

I am thinking about buying the regular license, $39 to build my own application, but I have some doubts...

My application will have the functionality of a player to advertise some items for sale and find another person who wants to buy, basically facilitate access between these two people.

The application will be free, however, I want to limit one person's posting to a maximum of 5 posts per day, if he wants to increase this limit he would have to upgrade to a premium account, where he will pay me a monthly fee

The first question is

- With the normal $39 license, can I set up this kind of monthly subscription system? Or only in the more expensive version?

- If not, is there another similar model that I can create at this price range ($39)?

Translated with (free version)

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