Dropdowns don't work when signing out and back in


I am working with demo 5 (Angular) example and am currently struggling with a situation where dropdowns don't open when I click on them. This happens only after I have navigated away from /dashboard to let's say /auth/login and back. I am using the 'data-kt-menu-trigger="click"' logic.

I I stay within layout.module (like /dashboard, /profile), everything works fine but once I navigate away (log out) to /auth and if I log back in, then the ones that previously worked, don't work anymore.

Here is a scenario to help you better understand the situation:
1. Page /dashboard loads, dropdowns (like user-inner, notifications, etc.) work
2. Log out
3. Log back in
4. Same dropdowns don't work
5. Refresh page
6. Same dropdowns now work

I suppose this logic has something to do with MenuComponent and the way how it is loaded (.bootstrap() and/or .reinitialization() methods). Could you please provide some guidance as of what would be the best way to set this up and work with such logic/scenarios?

I would also like to add a dropdown in /auth footer for changing language. What would be the correct way of loading the MenuComponent/or other components (HTML part is clear)?

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Thank you for your message.
It's a known issue, and the fix will be published in the next release (ETA next week).
I think there will be some helper functions published for re-init menus/toggles/drawers and you will be able to use them.

Not sure about the guide, but the concept is: We have to re-initiate menus when the routing is changed (cause Angular changing DOM and MenuComponent doesn't know about it at all).

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Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that fix is coming soon happy

I still haven't heard any news about the fix. When could it be released?

Hi Oskars,

The release was moved the 20-25 June, cause the team decided to go with the feature (HotReload dark/light) and it took more time to have this approach for SPA apps (Angular/React).

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I still don't see a new version. When will it be released?

Any udpate on this? We have been waiting on this fix for a long time

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