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dropdown select2 input filed not working in metronic 8.19

Dear Team,

In the Modal dropdown select 2 not working it shows input fields but we are unable to type any thing in the input field of the dropdown, kindly suggest me solution.

kind regards

Qamar Aamir

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Replies (3)

I've just found the solution. You should put data-dropdown-parent="#modal_element_id" into your select tag when using modal. That should be work.

I have an error like this too. I already using coding like this example:

dropdownParent: $('#myModal')

but still not working.

It seems like there might be an issue with the Select2 library not being properly loaded or initialized. Before proceeding, could you please check the browser's console log for any JavaScript errors? This could provide more insight into what might be causing the dropdown select2 input field to not work as expected.

Feel free to provide more details about any errors you find, and I'll be happy to assist you further in resolving the issue.

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