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Breadcrumbs of metronic do not work on Angular.

Breadcrumbs do not work on the latest version of Metronic on Angular, can anyone help?

no kt_header_menu exists in the application, when I look into page-info.service.ts

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Thank you for your message, we will investigate it, and will return you back with a fix by the end of the week.

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Hi Bardhyl,

In the file src/app/_metronic/layout/core/page-info.service.ts please update rows 92, 93 for the next lines:

const asideBc = this.calculateBreadcrumbsInMenu("kt_app_sidebar");
const headerBc = this.calculateBreadcrumbsInMenu("kt_app_header_wrapper");

In the file src/app/_metronic/layout/components/toolbar/toolbar.component.ts please update rows 102-105 for the next lines:

this.appPageTitleBreadcrumb = this.layout.getProp(
) as boolean;

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