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Upgrade from 8.0.38 to 8.1.5 breaks menus, footer styles

I upgraded from 8.0.38 and now desktop mode KT Menu no longer functions, and footer no longer has #fff as the style.

Looking at release notes I don't see these as breaking changes, what should I do to restore menu functionality? It only works in mobile mode now, and no longer shows anything in desktop mode.

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Wow, i'm starting to see why.

CSS class "page" is now called "app-page", css class "header" is now called "app-header"

defining body went from defining these classes:

<body class="header-fixed header-tablet-and-mobile-fixed toolbar-enabled toolbar-fixed" >

To now be data attribute based:

<body data-kt-name="metronic" data-kt-app-header-fixed="true" data-kt-app-toolbar-enabled="true" class="app-default">

This is a lot of breaking changes!

Am I doing something wrong? Is this documented somewhere?


Good spot! Yes, in the recent v8.1.x updates we updated and slightly improved the demo1 design. Sorry for the inconveniences since we had to change the layout class names and add app- prefix in order to fix some class name conflicts with header, footer with 3rd-party plugins common namings.

In your case, I would suggest fully updating the layout code with the latest version. In the future, there should not be such breaking changes in the layout once you get updated it.

Overall the changes mostly in the layout markup and the global components remain with no such class name changes.

If you need any further clarifications please do let us know.


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