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Print support in Metronic8

Hi keenthemes,

Is there a way to TARGET a modal for print support, like you did for invoice in "dist/apps/invoices/view/invoice-3.html"

The way you made is amazing, it's gonna make us to avoid a lots of pdf backend machinery for print,

We tried to put "print-content-only" class in the modal body as you did for the content, but it didn't work for the modal body !!

Is there any class name to put in modal body to make it print as invoice ??.

any tips guys ?

thank you

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We can implement a global utility tool to print the active modal content only. You may use it on the body element as:

<body class="print-modal-only">

You can have more control by dynamically toggling the class on the body to print the modal when needed.


Thank you Sean,

But I went Target the specified DIV for printing,

I used javascript for that, it cost me a whole day.

thank you again

Noted, thanks for the update.

Are you using some Javascript behind the scene ??

thank you.

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