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Modal backdrop doesn't disappear on close

I just installed metronic, and found an issue with a modal.

On my local version of this page:

1. I click on 'add customer'
2. I click on 'discard'
3. I click on 'Yes, cancel it!'
4. the modals disappear, but the

<div class="modal-backdrop fade show"></div>
stays there. So there's a dark overlay on the app, blocking all clicks.

(I can't add vids or screenshots to this post?)

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KTPlayersWidget2 to KTPlayersWidget1
in this file: /src/js/widgets/players/widget-1.js
Line 56
and compile


Can I get some help with this, please?


Sorry for the late reply due to our team being overloaded with the biggest update release for Metronic in the coming days.

As per our testing, the modal backdrop issue was not encountered and after canceling it everything worked fine as expected.

May I know which Metronic version you are using ? Can you try the latest v8.0.38.

Also please confirm you encounter the same issue in our preview version as well ?


Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm using the latest v8.0.38 and I do NOT have the issue in the preview version.

I guess something is going wrong with my installation?

Other front-end javascript things seem to work perfectly fine. Like opening modals, upload files. This is the only issue I've encountered.

I have 3 errors, are they related to the closing of modals?

`Uncaught ReferenceError: KTPlayersWidget2 is not defined`

`Uncaught Error: noUiSlider: create requires a single element, got: null`

`Uncaught TypeError: $(...).select2 is not a function`


Can you please share a test link to your page? Do you have any 404 error in your console that indicates the wrong path for certain scripts?

Also, can you try to exclude widgets.bundle.js as this is an example widgets script that we include for demo purposes only? If you need any widget's js code you should include it on purpose in src/js/widgets folder and recompile the assets with gulp or webpack.


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