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_menu uneditable because it appears to be minified?

I integrated the Metronic 8 theme in to my application and started to edit it but got stuck on the left Navigation. I wanted to edit this with my own menu from an SQL query.

I dug down to the file and found the left sidebar menu but all of the code is a single chomp of code (see screenshot). This I can't edit, what is the correct way to setup the left sidebar? The documentation is gravely lacking explenations and I cann't find an onboarding?

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Thank for your feedback.

Please note that Metronic's style should be edited via SASS under theme/src/sass folder following the Bootstrap SASS customization standards. The minified css/js code in the assets folder is for web inclusion and those files are not meant to be edited.

If you need to customize the styles of you will need to follow the Quick Setup guide and install the build tools to manage the source and compile the assets files.

If you are working with Demo1, you can customize the layout styles in src/sass/layout/_variables.custom.scss and recompile the assets using Gulp or Webpack as explained in the above guide. Thus you will update the entire styles folder and your changes will be applied globally for the entire theme layouts and components.

The core Bootstrap components, including the theme colors, are customized in themes/metronic/html/demo1/src/sass/components/_variables.custom.scss.

If you need any further help please let us know and we will do our best to help you out. Please also let us know which demo you are using and what type of customization you are trying to do.

By the way, we got your 1-star review with a complaint so if you are not happy with Metronic and like to get a refund please use Request Refund form and we will return your money.

If you like to proceed please kindly consider amending your 1-star review feel free to contact us here and we will guide you further. Metronic is trusted by 100,000 users and so far it served the majority of users' needs quite well hopefully you will get it working with a little bit more patience by referring to our detailed documentation guides.

To share your screenshots please use and you can also use to share your source code if you like. You just need to provide us the links for both via public or private replies here.


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