I have a question about how to select and use a design.

I'm using npm install->yarn->gulp->gulp localhost
to complete the installation.
And successfully executed http://localhost:8080/demo26/dist/index.html.
And I'm trying to partially take the metronic design and use only what I want.
But there is too much css code, too many js files and too much html code.
Is there any convenient way to just pick out the design I want and use it?
Text formatting options
Here's a how to add some HTML formatting to your comment:
  • <pre></pre> for JS codes block
  • <pre lang="html"></pre> for HTML code block
  • <pre lang="scss"></pre> for SCSS code block
  • <pre lang="php"></pre> for PHP code block
  • <code></code> for single line of code
  • <strong></strong> to make things bold
  • <em></em> to emphasize
  • <ul><li></li></ul>  to make list
  • <ol><li></li></ol>  to make ordered list
  • <h3></h3> to make headings
  • <a></a> for links
  • <img> to paste in an image
  • <blockquote></blockquote> to quote somebody
  • happy  :)
  • shocked  :|
  • sad  :(

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