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Hi, is it possible to add a dynamic page width button to the page? Can you add this as a feature in the next update?Also, how can I keep the side menu status in memory?
Hello, The colors appear pale on the invoice printing screen when dark mode is selected. How can I apply open theme in print mode.
Hello, How to make multi demo in html version. I couldn't find a documentation for this
Merhaba,Metronic v9 sürümü için çalışmalara başladınız mı ? Tahmini olarak v9 sürümü ne zaman gelir ?
Hello, Do you have a chance to add a mobile footer menu in the next update?
Hello,When will dark mode come for demo 4 ?
Hello,KTDatatable is available in Metronic 7 version. I couldn't see it in Metronic 8 version. Only is available on the documentation page. Will it come in next updates?