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Currently, in metronic/vue/demo1 , you need to click in the top header toolbar menu items, to show their submenu.Please add option to appear submenu on mouseover too.
We wanted to work on specific framework (i.e. vue) however, we have to fetch/pull 1.5GB repo for no reason. We have been using other themes, and all of them, had separated repositories for different framework (react, vue, html, laravel, etc..).Please, do it seriously and treat customers like t...
After opening localhost page, i see in console:, hot-reload is not working. Any ideas why?
When we start (serve) demo1, the first page is 'sign-in'. How can we avoid that, and instead have any desired page as the main page, so sign-in was not required?
in "public\media\svg\shapes" there are several SVG files that are 350kb+ in sizes.I've checked them and they are PNG-encoded images just put in SVG format, which is outright fake thing. Please, do them in correct SVG's (so those images will be around several KB in size).
Please add support (or instructions) to use Vue project with Vite ( instead of Webpack&Vue-cli. Will be a great step ahead. (i've found tutorial too, but it is for vue-2, and might be now incorrect: )