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The use of Keenicons has been a significant enough burden that I'm here to ask how does Metronic suggest we regress them completely from the codebase. We want them completely nonexistent and removed.You might ask why. 1. They are much too playful, too immature, and doesn't instill profession...
The auth set in place makes it so you cannot see anything under the auth. We've worked through your Laravel API but thats also incomplete and there is zero documentation around that whatsoever. We just want to be able to see the underlying react demo without the Auth putting a brick wall between us.
For the millionth time but reporting it so its here. KTUtil is not defined riddles every single page in this repo on the latest version. I downloaded it a couple hours ago. This is a non-starter and in my opinion a critical escalation as I've seen several people just tonight post inside others reque...

React Dev Vacancy

KeenThemes is looking for a Junior React or Vue developer to build awesome apps.
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