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Where do you change the loading screen icon and the page icon on the Metronic React version?
When I click a link on the nav item's dropdown menu, the menu stays open as the page navigates (since the header stays the same and only the content is changed via React and React Router). Is it possible to close the menu after link click?
How do I remove/bypass the login and auth page and go directly to the homepage?
How do I disable dark mode and keep the site on light mode permanently? I can remove the switcher button but I can't find where to permanently replace the dark or system theme to light only.
The documentation for HTML Metronic 8 shows a Stepper for forms, but I can't seem to use that Stepper in the React version. I assume there is a component for the Stepper in the React version, but I cannot see that in the documentation. How do I use the HTML Stepper or a Stepper component in the Reac...