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Hello,I'm using the Laravel demo7,I want to use the same layout as for documentation for the public space of my project but I cannot figure how to do that.I know this piece of the web.php is disabling the auth but when I try on different folder inside views it does not work$menu = t...
Hello,please can you help set up a flashing message like on your site here at the bottom right for example.Thank you
Hello,I run image upload for the Avatar.the avater field of the table is filled withimages/8VXoWEgY3aUiBn0JxWGy3qpsinHs4m2bynjMjdKD.jpgthe image is being saved herestorage > app > public > imagesBut image is not show on page.
Hello, Is the Laravel version if the Demo11 available? Is it possible to move the "Dashboard" to the Header ? you
Hello,can you help me implement date picker on my projectMetronic 8 + Demo 7I'm trying to implement flatpickrI saw this page but I don't how to proceed you
Hello,can you please tell me how inserted at the bottom of the sign-up page?Thank you
Hello, I'm getting these warnings after a brand new installationDevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILUREDevTools failed to load source map: Could not load...
Metronic8 Demo7 LavravelBreadcrumb have disappeared.What is the logic to set the Breadcrumbs?Thank you
Hello,I'm using the Laravel package of the demo7. I cannot close the modal with the discard buttonSame page as below.Am I missing something?
Please help with form validation. I want to replicate the register page but form validation is not workingthis is my create and store methodspublic function create(){ return view('associations.create'); }// For the association creation public function store(){...
Hello, please help me.I created a controller, I pulled some data from the DB, when I pass the data to the view I get this error : Undefined variable $memberMembersController : public function member(Request $request){ $member = DB::table('members')->where('id', $request->query('m'...
How can I change the mune on the left?I have this piece of code in layout > demo7 > aside > __tabs.blade.phpWhere are the @foreach(theme()->getOption('menu', 'aside_tabs') as $tab)value set?Thank you @foreach(theme()->getO...
I purchased the Metronics 8 to day 2022 10 22. I could make the Laravel installation. I want to use the Demo7 theme. I cannot figure how how to change to that one.I need your help

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