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hi,do you have any vue component where tiny slider ( is used? i tried to follow the documentation, but couldn't make it work.
Hi,Do you have or can create icons for vehicles category? I am looking for icons like scooter, car, truck, trailer etc.
Hi,Do you also have a component where the layout component is vertical and not horizontal?e.g. page where it's horizontal:
Hi,During development I make some mistakes. The error is normally logged to the console with component name, line and method. But I'm getting2app.2b3d77aa.js:4 Error at bc (app.2b3d77aa.js:12:5491) at Object.p [as resolve] (app.2b3d77aa.js:12:10333) at Object.T [as resolve]...
Hi,I want to reuse the widgets in a v-for loop, but when i place it in a loop (i have used Widget7.vue), the dropdown (Dropdown3.vue) isn't opening. When i create it separate without using v-for it's opening.How should I open the menu dropdown?i couldn't paste my code, because i'm getting...
Hi,I was analyzing the code and realised you were using 2 different forms (as far I could see). Form of ElementPlus and VeeValidate. E.g. ElementPlus is used is AddCustomerModal.vue and VeeValidate is used in NewCardModal.vue.You have documentation about VeeValidate (https://preview.keenthem...
Hi,Do you have some article or page where you explain the terms and relations?e.g- What is the difference between pages and apps?- What is the relation between account, user management and customer?- Do you also have the migration files for laravel or any database dump?
HI,Do you have figma files for pages, apps and components? It's also not in the graphics section.
Hi,In the demo's there are a lot of apps, lik eprojects, invoice manager etc. But in the downloaded zip or graphics section i can't find these apps. How can I get those apps too?