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hi,we want switch from old laravel version to srarterkit, but have some issue:1 - config file of settings have conflict with other package like spatie/laravel-settings or anlutro/l4-settings, please change config name2 - can't find menu builder class. and menu hard-code in /resources/vie...
hi, we use metronic 8.1.7 , laravel version in my project.after sync project with new version of metronic ( update core and assets , ... ) when build project, file mix-manifest.json create successful but not use in project. in production for apply change we should run emp...
Hi,we update metronic(laravel version) to version 8.1.6 , but seams jsTree not work.when change file plugins/custom/jstree/jstree.bundle.js to old version, It works correctly 🙂Please check this package.Thanks.
Hi,Please update new version of metronic on github repo.thanks.
Hi, We use laravel version metronic 8.1.5 , in rtl version toaster message not show currect, the icon should be on the right side, but in left side.also i attach my config and photo of this error. toastr.options = { "closeButton": true, "debug": false,...
please update new version of metronic on github. thanks.

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