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Hello, I have been trying to make the subtable work for me the past few days but i can't seem to find a way. I imported the JS and CSS and the only error i'm getting in console (GET ---- NET::ERR_ABORTED 404).I'm really out of ideas as this is an im...
Hello/p, i'm trying to use the documentation for keen theme that you have for us. And it seems that i can't access the javascript code. How can I fix that ? Thank you in advance.
Hello,I hope you can help me. I have been trying to figure out how i can make the search option on select2 work but i can't seem to find a way. Here's the html code :
Hello, Ive been trying to use the Laravel pagination {{ $brands->links() }} but it's not working. I haven't found anything about pagination in your documentation as it is quite poor in explications. Knowing that i want to use the pagination styles i find in the HTML theme
Hello, I've bought the metronic theme few days ago and i have been trying to figure out how the permissions work in the Menu. I have found under app/core/adapters/menu.php "fitlerMenyPermissions" function but i can't seem to understand how it interacts with the menu. Since i can't use th...
Hello, I've been trying to add the HTML stepper to my Laravel project and i'm kind of lost on how to do it. I'm working locally, so here it is ;At first i added the style at the top of my file which extends the with this method : @push('style')
Hello, I bought the metronic 8 theme and I can't seem to find where I can import the components, Here's a list of some of the components that I would like to use : - Wizard of multi step.- Different types of cards to display products, users and companies. - The print invoices compon...
Hello, I have been trying to find a way to change the language i use in my laravel/metronic 8 application. 1st problem : I have created a new lang folder called fr, and to get started I copied the files I had in the folder en, translated them, changed the language in app.php and the pages ar...
I bought a metronic theme, I followed the laravel instructions to build the application. Everything is working fine except that the svg icons are not working. I tried looking for a fix on my own but i'm not getting anywhere.
When buying the metronic 8 themes (60$), should I expect all the themes with different languages and framewokrs that it says it supports ? I want the vuejs version, but It would be awesome if someone could answer my question before i buy.

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