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Hi,I'm using VUE componentes and I find some issues with charts / widget3 component.1. The 3 top righ buttons (Year, Month and Week) buttons doesn't work (I click and nothing happens);2. I'm not able to internacionalize the x-axis and mouse tip (I cannot transate the name of the months t...
Hello,I'm using the "Datatable" component and when I update it to the "table-data" prop the "Datatable" component doesn't render the new data (it doesn't change dynamically).Do you know how to solve it?Thanks,MB
Hi,In the password data input fields the revealed button (eye) do not appear in Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, in the Microsoft Edge the "eye" appear after I type, but it stops appearing after leaving the field.Its possible to solve this behavior?Thanks and best regards,MB
Hello,I need to include a modal with form inside a multi-step sequence, but the component don't allow me to do it.There is a way to include such modal inside this component?Thanks,MB
Hello,I can't change the initial checkbox state to unchecked in a Wizard multi-step form. It seems the component only accept "checked" as an initial state and I'd like to setup "unchecked".Is this a bug in the component or am I doing something wrong?Thansk,MB
Hi,In multi-step sign up, using Vue, the error messages under the required fields appear without the user even making a mistake or trying to step forward. This behavior only happens in the wizard (multi step), and in the other forms we can control this visibility.I'm trying to adjust thi...
I can't find the SMS code verification component in the VUE project. Where can we download the authentication components as it is on the template page?Thanks!