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Hello,I want to implement the sort functionality in angular 13 (KeenTheme). Please click on the below link to get an idea of what I want to do. want the same functionality but in Angular 13. Please advise.
Hell,I want to use accordion in my project I just copy the code from actual project and paste it into component.html and component.ts but the toggle is not working. Any suggestion Please Help.Regards,
Hello,I got an angular theme (demo1) from one of my clients and I want to implement multi-select functionality. But unable to find any demo of multi-select or relevant features. Could you please help me find this?Thanks.
Hello,My client gave me the Angular 13 demo1 theme for the project development but I noticed it has a lot of unnecessary files and widgets which I don't need and the size is also more than 1 GB. I tried to remove some unwanted widgets and forms but the project crashed because of its dependent stru...