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Hello Team,Is there any way where we can add a link/button to the accordion header?
Hello,Is there any working implementation available for group-by datatable in Vue Js demo or in HTML demo?
Hello,Is there any draggable components/elements demo available in Medtronic, we have to implement draggable dashboard components so if is there any demo available please provide it!
Hello,Is there any example of adding a badge in the vue sidebar for all pages and the count will be from the API call?I saw an example in the HTML demo in Inbox > Messages menu, I want the same as that.
Hello,I went through the ThemeForest and I found that you have mentioned KTDatable refactoring in Vue 8.1.0 release, so what change did you make? I am really excited to look at that as I have implemented them on the whole project and it required lots of custom work
Hello,I want to implement select with the search but I am not able to do so and not even found any example of select with search on Vue demo.// Select element
Hello,We have implemented KTDatatable and everything works fine but now we have to implement expandable datatable we have tried much with the KTDatatable but did not get success, so is there any reference or demo available for the same? because we have implemented this in the whole project and c...
I have integrated the Vue demo customer listing page in my development and when I integrate the Action menu (data-kt-menu) it doesn't work for me in the datatable but I put the same code outside the table it works can you please help me to fix this issue.Code:
In Metronic theme in forms if we hit tab then it behaves strangely, e.g in Sign In page I entered email and then I hit tab then the focus goes to the forgot password link and not on the text of password, this happens in almost all the forms that I have integrated, so can you please provide a solutio...
I was not able to integrate the HTML tooltip that was provided in the theme and I did not find any tooltip in the Vue doc so I implemented element plus tooltip but sometimes randomly it behaves strangely Does Vue demo have a tooltip? so I can integrate thatissue: https://rxteam376-my.sharepoint....
Is there any way in vue demo that we can set the action button on the breadcrumb section right side dynamically based on the page same as the breadcrumbs?