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Hi,We are looking for a driven, self-motivated jun/mid React/NextJS/Vue software engineer to participate in the development of top-notch products and solutions.Responsibilities: - Product development & maintenance - Technical support and problem solving - Research and learn new techn...
Hi,Metronic's by default includes all its available resources within the gulp config so the bundle size of the compiled CSS/JS files. To reduce the file size of the CSS/JS bundle files follow the below steps: Open theme/tools/gulp.config.js and refer to base->global->src
Hi,The Metronic HTML Quick Search feature is initialized in core/html/src/js/layout/search.js script and it can be integrated with a server-side AJAX request by replacing the demo process function with an actual search process function:// Private functionsva...
Hi,Please stay tuned for today's release Metronic v8.0.38 with a fully integrated Select2 + Bootstrap Floating Label and many other features:1 HTML Demo 22:– New Layout System– Horizontal Menu– Sticky Header– Aside Menu– Page Toolbar– Layout Builder– Dark Mode– RTL Support...
To change Metronic's font family please follow below quick steps:Go to Google Fonts and choose your font family.In your HTML's head section replace the default font URL with the new one:
Encountered a minor issue in Metronic HTML Demo 5 where the header menu toggle button is not shown on mobile. Use the below code for a quick fix. The official fix will be arriving in the next update soon.Replace the topbar HTML code with the

React Dev Vacancy

KeenThemes is looking for a Junior React or Vue developer to build awesome apps.
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