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I have metronic angular demo 1 and it's working on angular v13 while I need to upgrade it to angular 14 is it possible to do that ??!
Am trying to add two different sub Headers to the same page one with bread crumbs and the action bar one but its not working , how i can make it work
but every time shows this error Error: Cannot find module '@babel/runtime/helpers/interopRequireDefault'Require stack:- F:\metronic_v7.1.0\theme\html\tools\node_modules\webpack-merge-and-include-globally\index.node6-compatible.js- F:\metronic_v7.1.0\theme\html\tools\webpack.config.j...
i checked each and every example provided in metronic 7 for kt-datatables but i couldn't find inline editing for the datatable