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I implemented Metronic laravel version on Laravel 10 fresh installation and have been battling with the following error:Call to undefined function App\Core\Bootstrap\addHtmlAttribute(),Meanwhile, the function is defined as follows in the AppServiceProviderpublic function boot() {...
i want keep the header of the landing page at the sticky state with the white backgroud by default, how do i achieve that.Thank you
i initiated KTApp.createInstances() on an modal ajax call. The modal has select 2, however, the search textbox for the select2 search is not working. i cannot input any search term.Please help.
Select 2 is not working on a dynamic modal with loaded content dynamically with external content. Below is the js code that calls the modal function showAdd() { $('#add_modal').modal('show'); $("body").addClass("modal-open"); var get_url = "{{ url...
How do i create a crud application with the ApiSerrvice.ts? i see CRUD methods define there but how to i use them to fetch data from the database and update.Thank you
I have installed the Vue / Laravel version on my PC and i cannot login. how do i disable the login or setup DB for login against the DB. Thank you