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I want to use a simple ajax function in Laravel, I am familiar with jQuery ajax and I read in docs metronic8 does not use jQuery. I want to know, is it okay to include jQuery or metronic8 have anything to perform Ajax?
Hi,I want to add the forms on a web page. Are there any forms provided? If yes, how can I add those forms to my web page? Can I add bootstrap forms on any web page?
I am using Metronic 8.1.7 Laravel and when I try to visit root (/) it automatically redirect to login page. I want to show a landing page and open login page when user click login button. How can I do this?
Hi,I have install demo1 for Laravel. Now I want to add new feature to admin panel. What is the best way for this. Is there any CRUD generator or I need to add Model, Controller, Menu, View manually? Is there any tutorials for this?
There is Laravel project of Metronic but I want to know, Is there a plugin or a better way to add it in existing Laravel project. I can add all dependence one by one and move Model, Controllers and view in my project, but its a lengthy and error prone way. So I want to know if there is a better way...