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How would I get the selected value from the list when ajax is used on the users-search modal?I am trying to make it so that after you select a user from the list and click the submit button, the selected user value is submitted to the server for saving.
How would I reinitialize select2 within the invoice application? I have tried something like the documentation states for the form-repeater but to no success.
When the secondary aside is enabled and minimized please make it to where when you click on an icon it displays the secondary aside content.
Where would I put the ajax search function inside users-search.js? It would return a php page containing the data-kt-search-element="results""use strict";var KTModalUserSearch = function() { var e, t, n, s, a, r = function(e) { setTimeout((function() { var a...
Could we please get a landing page like the one Metronic has built into craft?
How do I reinitialize form validation after loading modal body from ajax? Example: AddTarget modal.
How would I move the search function to the right side of the header without causing everything to move to the left side?
Is there a way that I can delay the drawer opening by a second or so until it loads the body fully? I am using an embed in my drawer and sometimes the javascript to insert the src in the body of the drawer is delayed and causes a whitescreen drawer. Wanting to add this into the scripts.bundle.js of...
When I add an ajax script to the page it's being overrode and still submitting the form with a refresh instead of loading my ajax script. Is there a basic ajax insert script for a form anywhere? Or at least as an example would someone be able to do it to the project settings page?